Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund

The 足球外围买球靠谱平台市-Invest Atlanta Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund (BRLF) provides brownfield cleanup financing for eligible projects within the Atlanta city limits. The loans provided by the BRLF fund the remediation required for site cleanup, which then allows redevelopment projects to go forward.

The BRLF is a joint venture between the 足球外围买球靠谱平台市 and Invest Atlanta. Funding for the program is provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.



Loans will be made based on the availability of funds to property owners in the city of Atlanta, if:

1.   The applicant can demonstrate credit worthiness based upon the financing policies of 足球外围买球靠谱平台市 BRLF Program;

2.   The project remains consistent with the City's Economic Development Plan, 这可能因地点而异;

3.   The loan will meet BRLF program goals, 和;

4.   Applicants are willing to participate in the Georgia Brownfields Program.


1.   Private sector, for-profit developers;

2.   非营利组织;

3.   地方政府;

4.   A Borrower who is exempt from CERCLA liability, 和;

5.   A Borrower who has and can assign access in writing to a site.

Ineligible borrowers include property owners when the property meets the following conditions:

1.   The property is listed, or proposed for listing, on the National Priorities List;

2.   Properties at which a removal action must be taken within six months (i.e. 时间临界移除动作);

3.   Where a Federal or state agency is planning or conducting a response or enforcement action, 和;

4.   Contaminated by petroleum products except to address a non-petroleum hazardous substance (e.g.(混合废物).

Eligible project costs include:

1.   Actions associated with removing, 减轻, or preventing the release or threat of a release of a hazardous substance, 污染物, or contaminant (as appropriate to different site situations);

2.   工地监察活动, including sampling and analysis that are reasonable and necessary during the cleanup process, including determination of the effectiveness of a cleanup;

3.   Costs associated with meeting public participation, 工人的健康和安全, and interagency coordination requirements;

4.   Costs associated with removal activities, including demolition and/or site preparation that are part of site cleanup, 和;

5.   Environmental insurance premiums.


More Information is available in the Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund Policies and Procedures Manual or please download and complete the Pre-应用程序.

For additional Information contact: 辛西娅·弗里曼 from Invest Atlanta at (404) 614-8294 or (电子邮件保护) 或访问: 足球外围买球靠谱平台市 Brownfields Grant Program.